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Revere Reads Summer 2022

We are pleased to share resources for summer reading! Reading for pleasure is about choice. We wanted to offer some sources for summer books for our students to choose from.

Have a Wonderful Summer

Que tengas un maravilloso verano- Tenha um verão maravilhoso- أتمنى لك صيفًا رائعًا

Uvalde, Texas

Dear Families and Staff, We are communicating to you about the events today in Uvalde, Texas, where a school shooting occurred in an elementary school where a gunman killed 14 students and one teacher. We recognize that this is recent information and acknowledge that news and details of the incident will evolve in the coming hours and days.

Face Covering Policy

Dear RPS Staff, Students, and Families,
On Tuesday, February 15, 2022, the Revere School Committee amended its face covering policy.

Transportation Changes

Dear Families,

We are sending this communication to all RPS families as there has been some confusion about changes to our transportation policy for middle and high school students this year. Only those high school students who live two miles or more from RHS or Seacoast are eligible for school transportation. Only those middle school students who live one mile or more from their middle school are eligible for public school transportation.

Last Day of School

Friday, June 17th- viernes, 17 de junio-Sexta-feira, 17 de junho- الجمعة 17 حزيران (يونيو)

Early Release Day

June 17th, Dismissal at 10:45- 17 de junio, Salida a las 10:45- 17 de junho, dispensa às 10:45- 17 يونيو ، الفصل الساعة 10:45

Grade 5 Moving On Ceremony

Thursday, June 16th at 10:15 AM-Jueves, 16 de junio a las 10:15 AM-Quinta-feira, 16 de junho, às 10:15h-الخميس 16 حزيران (يونيو) الساعة 10:15 صباحًا

Beachmont Fun Day

Monday, June 13th- lunes, 13 de junio- lunes, 13 de junio- الإثنين 13 حزيران (يونيو


NEW DATE JUNE 10th- NUEVA FECHA 10 DE JUNIO- NOVA DATA 10 DE JUNHO- التاريخ الجديد 10 حزيران (يونيو )
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